A Win for My Client and Government Accountability

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Reporter Beth Slovic and Kimberly Sordyl, a strong advocate for schoolchildren won their public records lawsuit.  Each asked Portland Public Schools for public records on employees who are on paid leave.  They believed management was parking people on paid leave instead of resolving whatever allegations or problems put them on leave.  I represented Kim Sordyl.

The school district refused to provide the records.

Slovic and Sordyl asked the District ATtorney to order the records produced.  That’s the process.  The DA acts as a judge.  The DA ordered production of the public records.  Nevertheless, the school district refused.  Instead, it sued Slovic and Sordyl as a way to appeal the DA’s ruling.

Kim Sordyl hired me as her attorney after her original attorney died.  I briefed the issues and pushed for a hearing.  Judge Matarazzo ruled in favor of disclosure – a win for Ms. Sordyl, the Press and transparency and government accountability.

Here’s The Oregonian article on the case.

Jeff Merrick, Oregon Litigation Attorney

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