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Most Oregon lawyers do their best for their clients.  Sometimes their best is not very good.  Sometimes, they or their staff make costly mistakes.  Occasionally, attorneys hurt clients intentionally because they put themselves first or are going through personal problems.

Below, I list the most common claims against Oregon Attorneys and key issues affecting those claims.  They are linked to more detailed descriptions.  Please do not rely on these general guidelines because every “rule” has exceptions, and everyone’s situation differs.

Oregon Legal Malpractice Claims and Defenses

Legal Malpractice Insurance and Oregon’s Professional Liability Fund

Breach of Contract Claims against Oregon Lawyers

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Oregon Attorneys

Fraud Claims against Oregon Attorneys

Negligent Misrepresentation Claims against Oregon Lawyers

Violation of Unlawful Trade Practices Act

Statutes of Limitations for Claims against Oregon Attorneys

Finding a lawyer to sue a lawyer.

Every claim has strict time limitations. If a claim is not made on time, it is lost forever.

Merrick Law helps people evaluate claims against lawyers and sue attorneys when they won’t settle meritorious claims that are worth a lawsuit.  Feel free to contact us using the message form.  COVID-19: Telephone and zoom consultations  are available through  counsel people through telephone and zoom.

Jeff Merrick, Oregon Litigation Attorney

©2018 by Merrick Law, LLC. and Jeff Merrick.  The above is not intended as legal advice.  It is for general information purposes only.  Reading it or attempting to contact Jeff Merrick not mean Jeff Merrick or Merrick Law, LLC. is your attorney.  You become our client only after we sign a written contract.

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