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Oregon State Police arrested 54-year-old Roseburg attorney Sean Michael Handlery on 56 charges.  They included luring a minor, rape, sodomy, sex abuse and others.  That was January 2018.  In May 2019, the Oregon State Bar disbarred Mr. Handlery, citing twelve indictments plus bad conduct in the practice of law, too.

The other bad conduct (“Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play”) included failing to correct false statements to the court, encouraging a client to lie and taking an employment law case when he did not know enough and about employment law and did not educate himself after accepting the case.

When hiring and working with a lawyer, people need to do their research and trust their gut.  If something feels off, keep shopping for anther lawyer; there are thousands of us.

Jeff Merrick, Oregon Litigation Attorney
“I help people with legal malpractice and other claims against attorneys.”

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  • Debra Penas says:

    Yet, the bar association recommended him.

    • Jeff Merrick says:

      Really? Not talking about him, but just a general thought: I wonder if the Bar screens the lawyers on their referral list? If not, if one of their referrals causes harm to a client, will the client sue the Bar?

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